Waterfall Forecasting Model Template

Business professionals can utilize this waterfall forecasting model template designed in MS Excel to examine key line items from the balance sheet and profit and loss statement on a monthly basis whether you are fresh to sales forecasting or an experienced financial professional. The user can record actual and forecast data in this template and… Read More »

Solution Sales Worksheet Template

This solution sales template designed in microsoft® Excel is a rationalized tool for developing a three year business projection and a 12 month business budget. It needs nominal inputs and generates and forecasts and pessimistic for your business. From this forecasts a 12 month master budget can be build. You then have the competence to… Read More »

Adjustable Meeting Agenda Template

Using this simple template, you can create to-do list agenda items that themselves adjust their period when other items are entered or changed. By automatically setting up agenda items keep save you from the trouble of making many calculations about the time selected to every speaker and lets you to make fast, every-minute updates to… Read More »

Quarterly Cash Flow Projection Template

This quarterly cash flow projection template developed with MS Excel covers mostly all type of categories that have an effect on the cash flow of most businesses. The column titles are not closed, so you can simply change them to full fill your needs. It has easy to use interface were you enter actual and… Read More »

Media Promotion Forecast Template

Use this Media forecast template designed in microsoft® Excel for arrangement of the monthly advertising media your company will utilize over the next year. Then contrast each month’s actual expenses against the forecast results at the commencement of the year. The template comprises categories for radio, direct mail advertising, magazine, and before long. You can… Read More »

New Product Sales Forecast Template

This MS Excel new product sales forecast template lets you to predict sales for brand new products. The template uses three possible set-ups and the probability that a set-up may occur as the basis. The chances that you allocate are quite personal based on your view of the prospect, your level of, intuition and optimism.… Read More »

General Expense Budget Template

You can use this general purpose expense budget template designed in microsoft® Excel to compare actual and budgeted expenses. This is a powerful template offer friendly user interface, offering lots of easy customization and functionalities. You can also modify this template by deleting or adding lines and customizing the header. This integrated template designed with… Read More »

Channel Marketing Budget Template

You can use this channel marketing budget template developed in MS Excel to help you make a decision how much you wish for to pay out on your marketing channel actions. Along with the in general marketing budget, this template takes into consideration different discounting and pricing set ups, sales, and revenue forecasts for your… Read More »

Media Budget by Quarter Template

This template is a professional media budget tracking template designed with MS Excel particularly to efficiently manage your expenses and lets you to set up a media budget summary through product. It shows the expenses for each kind of media product and the proportion every of those expenses is of the total. The last part… Read More »

Channel Partner Pipeline Forecast Template

Finance and sales professionals can use this channel partner pipeline forecast template designed with microsoft® Excel to follow and forecast sales prospects with channel partners that includes monthly regional working detail, cash flow, income statements, financial summary analysis and balance sheets. Cost of sales, sales and Inventory balances are connected to this sales forecast results.… Read More »

New Product Sales and Profit Forecasting Model Template

This MS Excel new product sales and profit forecasting model template lets financial analysts to assess different income and sales circumstances for a new product. This template lets users to carry out two income and sales forecasts: one depending on a target operating income set-up and another depending on a target market share set-up. It… Read More »

Smoothing Forecast Analysis Template

The fundamental idea behind this microsoft® Excel smoothing forecast analysis template is that each new prediction is obtained in part by moving the previous prediction in a direction that would have enhanced the old prediction. It requires the business man to make marketing oriented postulations, particularly in regards to our pricing strategy and allows customer… Read More »

5 Year Projection Template

This microsoft® Excel 5 year sales projections template estimates the main financial figures for any company for five years that allows to quickly fill your values to calculate a professional forecast report. The estimation includes shortened cash flow and income statements, and also a balance sheet. This comprises product price in addition to quantity variables… Read More »

Rolling Business Forecast Template

Financial certified peoples can use this rolling business budget and forecast template designed in MS Excel to detain actual results for main balance sheet accounts and income statement and then evaluate actual results to both prior year results and feature budget targets. This spreadsheet template can provide administration with quick images of how concrete results… Read More »

Detailed Sales Forecast Template

Guesstimating monthly sales projections for a year is simple with this detailed sales forecast template designed with MS Excel, because formulas, procedures and other worksheet features are already programmed for you. The forecasting model utilizes weighted forecasts depending on the prospect of closing every sales opportunity. It will compute figures and generate impressive charts and… Read More »

Monthly Household Budget Planner Template

This monthly household budget planner with account register template developed with MS Excel is designed to perform any work with the data for one month only. In other words, you can only make your household budget month by month. But it has a intention: you will start fresh every month with previous closing cash on… Read More »

Bi-weekly Budget Template

This Bi-weekly budget template developed with MS Excel encloses two bi-weekly pay episodes on this worksheet. This template is easy for customization, updation and easy economic management for peoples who get paid bi-weekly or twice a month. Whether you use it for saving purpose, for a specific yearly event such as holiday, christmas or insurance… Read More »

Merchandise Planner Template

If anyone who would like to improve financial productivity should utilize this merchandise plan template designed with microsoft® Excel to understand and maintain their cash flow system. Being capable to track expenses facilitates in forecasting and budgeting. It comprises positive features that let you to manage all of your expenses through an easy to use… Read More »

Quarterly Budget Analysis Template

This Quarterly budget analysis template helps you to manage budget differences for particular financial items counting: expenses, revenues, capital withdrawals, and debt repayments. This Excel template is for those who save all the information required for yearly taxes in an unstructured and un-ordered way. Rather than physically sorting into the different types of categories need… Read More »